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Living the Purpose of Life is a Personal Choice
When our point of view is threatened we all feel insecure. Nobody likes to recognize that the problem can partly be oneself! The goal of growing is to overcome. Let´s accept life as a gift. Accept the responsibility to act according to our best interests. Let's think that if we are good people what we Continue reading
Choose To Be Free
The modern corporate person, the bureaucrats, the tribes stuck in tradition, anyone who does not understand what it means to think for himself; whoever is scared about being bold and express themselves, prefers to be passive and imitate others. These are perfect descriptions of the "automatic cultural human", the human confined by culture, slave of Continue reading
Give up falsehood to grow
When a person grows up, they abandon the way they saw themselves. Part of the pain of growth comes from realizing that you have been dishonest with yourself, and that grief makes people change. You always have to take a leap to renounce what is false. When we understand that we were cheating, we try Continue reading
One Valuable Concern
The only concern that would be worthwhile is: What is my true talent, my secret gift, my authentic vocation? How am I truly unique and how can I express this uniqueness, shape it, dedicate it to something outside of myself? How can I enrich myself and humanity with my talent, my individuality, my emotions and Continue reading
Imaginary and Unjustified Duties
The person who wastes her life denying herself by a sense of the wrong obligation only diminishes and hurts others. Often, that person exaggerates that sense of obligation to justify his self-rejection. She considers that her obligations absorb her because she fears to look at her life as someone free would do. She feels that, Continue reading
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